Helping You To Affordable Housing

Since we opened our first care home, we have provided a wide variety of special needs populations with affordable and specialized housing. Demographics served include but are not limited to: disabled, veterans, seniors, sober living, transitional housing, re-entry, low income, and other special needs populations. Our properties and services are of the highest caliber in our state and local area due to our commitment to safe, affordable all-inclusive living environments 


What is Affordable Housing

ACL Properties offers shared housing and is dedicated to becoming the company of choice to help people find their path to growth and independence. To this end, we identify the social and mental health needs of Indiana residence and facilitate the provision of services to those needs. We assist people of our communities by providing high-quality services that promote: dignity, empowerment, independence, safety, self-esteem, and self-sufficiency.

Specializing In:

Veteran Housing

Sober Housing

Senior Housing

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