What We Offer

We offer affordable housing in a community setting. We provide assistance that is needed for veterans, the elderly, sober living, and transitional housing. 

Veteran Group Home 

We have homes that are specifically set up for Veterans. Our veteran and VA housing provides residential care homes and group homes for both disabled and non disabled Veterans. We work directly with the VA and all affiliations of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to ensure that our servicemen are provided with quality and safe housing upon return home. We provide group home and transitional living residential care homes for Veterans of the armed forces throughout the local area.

Sober Group Homes

Our organization provides and operates sober homes for those with addiction and alcohol and drug related problems. We have many properties that are specifically designed and managed for those with dependency related issues such as alcohol and drugs. These homes maintain a drug and alcohol free environment similar to all our other homes, but also come with mandatory AA classes as well as alcohol and drug counseling.

Elderly Housing & Group Homes

We also provides housing for the elderly and seniors without any disabilities! Many seniors

these days are elder, on fixed incomes and in need of low-income and low-cost housing in a group home living environment. That is where we can assist. We have many properties that are specifically designed and managed for elders and seniors on fixed incomes.

Transitional Housing & Rapid Re-homing

Coming soon!